Sun, Sand and Lava Flows

We’ve been to Cannon Beach, Oregon many times but I can’t remember a weekend as lovely as the one we just spent there. There’s just something about lifting your family up and out of their routine and depositing them in the sand, without WiFi, that helps us each remember we actually love one another. A lot. And that each of us is pretty cool in our own little way, especially when we’re not stressed and harried and rushing.

This weekend will linger in my memory hopefully forever as a relaxing, sun-filled family trip where Ted and I strolled arm in arm along the beach while the sisters landed front handsprings and taught themselves to do cartwheels.

As a practical matter, this weekend also marked the month I learned I had Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune condition) and the weekend I cut out everything that might possibly be irritating my gut and my apparently-delicate thyroid. And then started a probably-neverending prayer that it work to put this loveliness into remission.

As many times as we’ve admired and played near Haystack rock, we never knew it originated in Idaho as a lava flow that traveled to the coastline and bubbled up through the sand. I’ve always felt at home at the ocean. I’m hoping my life is like that lava flow…bubbling up unexpectedly and starting down a journey with an unknown, but hopefully magnificent, destination. Walk with me?